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Originally Posted by A-Snake View Post
The L539 was used on all 289 Cobras. I believe all of them were clear. 427 Cobras used the L539 until approximately CSX3200 when the change was made to the L691. I believe all the L691's used were amber. I don't know if or when the L539 changed from clear to amber on earlier 427's
Laws were changing in the US at the time to amber signals. Some manufactures used amber bulbs behind clears lens until changing to amber lens.
I would guess some number of 289 Cobra owners changed from clear to amber lens.
Clear was most Cobras. A few scattered cars (including one of the SA team racers) received amber lenses but there seems to be no pattern of why or when. Amber was standard for 427 Cobra street cars. The is also a red lens that some other types of cars used as brake/marker lights.
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