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Default Progress update May 2013

So it seems progress on the cobra hasn't been as rapid as hoped but there has been progress.

Work has mainly been around plumbing in the engine bay associated with running fuel and vapour management lines to the engine and making a start on the engine oil feed lines I need.

I've made the connections from the fuel supply and fuel and vapour return hard lines to the engine in braid including a braid line from the PCV fitting into the plenum as per the photos below.

The curved line is the vapour return via the solenoid from under the plenum and the PCV connection line is that line at the bottom and awaiting attachment to the PCV valve once the plenum is bolted down.

Made up a neat adapter to be able to attach a threaded fitting to the PCV valve instead of rubber hose to make this braided connection.

Braid lines to the fuel inlet and outlet but on the right side of the photo you can see the remote oil fitting under the washer bottle and intake tubing.

Also took the opportunity to get the plenum repolished as it was looking pretty sad from three years sitting around.

And finally a nice braid link from coolant outlet to the catch can.

I am now setting up for the engine oil filter and cooling supply system and will be mounting the oil cooler in the lower nose and then the braid line links between the various fittings.

With that work done all the engine bay fluid management systems will be finished.

Hopefully I'll have a new job after the end of this month to then be able to afford doing further work.


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