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Richard, Thanks for the info. (and fast response). For the record I used the hotlink email on the Cobra Country webpage. Perhaps something went wrong when it went out.. who knows. mMy email address is ""

I may be a bit touch on the customer service issue. I'm seeking a quality car, and a company that works "with" you etc.... It seems you guys have both.

I'll be calling for a quote this coming week. I'm seeking a roller, ready for engine and trans much like a SPF would arrive.

Thanks for the info..........!!

Later: I just went to the JBL webpage hotlinked above. WOW! What a piece of automotive art work! It may be more car than I really need. (saturday night car, and a trip around the local SCCA track now and then)... but what a car! I'll be in touch for base prices for sure.... ( I tend to have that feeling where if you don't get one, you would always wish you had)

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