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Default Further progress 25 May

Thanks for the continued encouragement guys, it does help.

Another Saturday and a bit more done. Sadly always seem to come out of the shed with another list of bits to get. Fortunately only a small set of annodised fittings but I had to get lines installed to be able to figure angles for various -10 hose ends I need.

Hopefully these parts will now see the engine bay oil system all completed on my next shed installment. Marty made up some simple mounts for my oil cooler and I at least got it partially positioned at end of day too.

Finally got around to cutting out my side pipe exit holes and a chance comment by one of the guys looking to also buy pipes led to a bit of an impromptu trial fit per below.

These are the side pipes I bought from Vintage Wheels and for the price are not bad. A tad short and as that centre section is based around a hot dog a touch heavy but they suit the purpose for now. Might do some thing silly down the track and get them connected just for fun but that's another story.

Was also trying to final fit the roll bar attachment fittings but I realised that the fitting order is the bars first so as they have to come off anyway for paint I've just packed away this for now.

So it was another trial fit for now but the bars are now shiny instead of rusty.

The doors are off the car too as they are at home whilst I glass in the ferrule locations for the side windows as part of the soft top. You can see the side windows in the cockpit in the first photo above, so various bits are coming together.



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