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Originally Posted by Jim Norris View Post
Sweet! I am almost ready to order a modified TKO 600 w/.82 OD from Libertys. I now have the .64 OD and not only is the 3rd to 4th shift at 6000 rpm impossible to accomplish, the rpm drop from 4th to 5th is staggering. Hopefully both of my problems will go away all at once.
My questions are: do you think the addition of a Pro 5.0 or Steeda shifter is necessary after the Libertys upgrade? They offer an upgraded TKO version that includes a Pro 5.0 for $150 bucks more. Also, have you ever regretted going with .82 od version of the TKO?
Jim, I have the Pro 5.0 and it is an improvement over the stock TKO shifter. I would spend the extra $150. and get the whole package. What is your rear end ratio? I originally ran .64 with a 3.73 rear. The final drive ratio in that combination was good for highway cruising, but that was about all that was good about it. First gear was useless and the rpm drop between 4/5 took the engine way out of it's power band. I switched to a 3:27 rear gear at the same time I went to the .82 and I love this combo. Highway cruising rpm are not quite as mild as before, but it's fine, about 2600rpm at 70mph with 295/60/15 rear tires. Everything else about this combo is way better than before.
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