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Originally Posted by DanEC View Post
The spherical bearing and the u-joint on the engine side of the foot box will take care of any angle changes w/o problem. But I think you might have to modify the brackets on the dash support where the column is secured in order to lower it any further. It's set up to raise with spacers but not to lower further.

It might be possible to fashion a a Z-bracket to bolt to the dash brackets through the upper leg with the other leg down and forward. Then with the clamp positioned a little further forward of it's stock position on the column, it cold be screwed through the lower leg of the Z-bracket to drop the column position down. the upper leg might have to be clearanced a little in the center to clear the column tube. I would have to climb under my dash though to see if there would be any interference with something like this. You might get 3/8 of an inch of drop of so before hitting the bottom of the slot in the dash panel - but that might be as much as 1/2 inch at the wheel. But - you probably do need Bob's take on something like this.
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