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Originally Posted by kevins2 View Post
Hey Dan, I remember you said you were envious because I finished my car before you. Well, now I'm envious because you can drive yours! It's a beautiful day here with the temp close to 60 but the roads are still salty... need some heavy rain to wash that crap away.
Kevin - it's not all wine and roses here yet. During the last ice storm they really out did themselves in scattering sand and gravel around. They showed one video out in the county of a county worker with a dump truck, tailgate dumping a solid layer of about 3 inches of sand down the entire lane of a county road. One of the dumbest thing I've ever seen. People probably buried up and slid around in the sand. And they are forecasting a possibility of some minor amount of snow tonight. But, the immediately local streets around my house are beaten pretty clear so I can kind of cruise up and down our nearby boulevard a few blocks in either directions pretty safely when temperatures permit. I know you guys back east and north have had it many times worst.

Spring has got to be here before long.
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