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Question Are there any differences?

Guys and Gals...

I was browsing through the members' pages and came across a beautiful car that I will probably model my FFR off of. If you search for the username "cobra" and look at his black ERA, you will see what I mean. Extremely beautiful car in my opinion.

My question is that for some reason, the ERA (particularly that one) looks a little different than the FFR cars. And I can't figure out what it is. Am I psychotic here, or are there valid differences with the exceptions of quick-jack bumpers, roll-bar colors, etc...?

I am picking his car to model my own from, and I'm hoping all the dimensions (body curvature, ride height, etc.) are the same because I love the overall look of that model. It may just be an optical illusion that I'm seeing...or different view angles.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.
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