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Default Bill talk to me

Bill Bess Bill give me a phone number to reach you at and good time in the evening. I am in NJ 2-3 hour delay.
Can you give me some numbers for the pressure running at idle and 2000 rpms?
Are the gauges steady or bouncing 20-60 psi?
Are you running after market pulleys?
Are you running an after market cooling fan the works with a/c control?
Enclosed radiator for coolant fan?
Air gap between condensor and radiator?
Is the kit a 134A or older R 12 system?
Do you have the wrong freon poundage for the system?
What temps do you have coming from vents?
Is there an oriface tube or filter in the system?

Ac is a simple system that converts liquid to gas and back.

I would start with under drive pulleys like march, Are you running them or stock ones.
We can fix this. Rick L. Ps I am going with you are running under drive pulleys and not spinning the compressor fast enough. You do have the correct amount of oil in the system? Too much will also cause a problem. I think we start with March.
Ps I have had the same problem with an overheating motor with march pulleys at idle. Running the motor is OK. At idle motor used to run to 230F. Yes it's all aluminium. Went through 4 thermostats, 2 radiators, 2 water pumps, engine modes out the a$$. Finally just swapped the crank pulley to a 1-1 ratio with the rest of the spinning things on the front of the motor and Fixed. We will talk. This is why I need the 2 sets of gauge readings. Rick.
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