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Default Red fluid??

Kramer Was thinking the same as above ideas, just add a diaper and power. Sorry, 2 thoughts. If it's coming from an stub shaft seal, I would check the vent hose or tube to see if it's plugged with spider web. A good net will pressurize the case and lube will leak out. Be there done this. Tube comes off in 2 parts. Add a little sealer when reinstalling.
2nd idea is not so good, looking at either a carrier cap that might need to be retorqued in the housing or stub shaft seal and bearing need to be replaced. You may need only to reseal the stub shaft plate to the housing with some RTV. Putting dye in the rearend and drive will be the easy way to locate leak. If you clean the area off and put the car on the ground, do you get a leak?? If yes go with 2nd ideas, If not start with 1st idea and make sure the breather tube is ok. You could also pull the rearend cover and check for metal in the fluid or looseness of the carrier caps. I don't think you abuse your car but adding a rear cover support from LWP wouldn't hurt either and helps support the carrier caps. Been running 1 for 15 years. Everything stays in location and tight to specs. Got any pictures?? Rick L.
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