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Default 4 Season Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey just thought some of you would be interested in how the build has been holding up since I finished the build. Well she has 4 seasons on the the car, and if you live anywhere north of Missouri you know those are very short seasons.

Well the car just turned a whopping total of 4660 miles, and no major issues. there were/are a few things that needed to be fiddled with, and it had two fuel pump failures. I have been caught in the rain twice,(moving is better than standing still) but you will get wet. Rock chips yes rock chips on the nose and front of the rear fenders along with the pipes, but that gives it patina. Planing a little work this coming spring, upgrade the front brakes to 13" Willwoods, and maybe some seat mods with new covers.

Oh I have been to quite a few shows over the years I an more often than not the only cobra there so I do draw quite a lot of attention (good and bad) some people just cant get over the fact that it is a fiberglass body and how come you couldn't find a real one. Oh and I have a whole new list of snappy comebacks to "I know someone who has one of those in a (insert favorite cache)". I do need to build a nice place to put the Trophies, the dresser is covered, but I really like the ones that are made from old car parts and love....

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Well, it occurs to me that perhaps not all of the modifications I made are technically 'street legal'

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