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The OEM clutch and flywheel should be OK but it's always a good idea to check to be sure.

A lot of guys have been using the LS7 clutch and flywheel. This clutch is designed for the Corvette drive train. It uses a torque tube from the bell housing back to the trans axle in the rear. The dimensions can be a little different to the conventional setup.

There's some machining involved in the way I do the mid shift conversion. I do the reverse lockout a bit differently to others. I use the solenoid location from the old CAGS system for the lockout. This boss for the CAGS solenoid in often blank and not machined on later boxes. I like this way of doing it because it makes a lockout that you cant force past and also makes for a seamless 5-6 shift (You cant feel the reverse gate as you go past.

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