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Please keep in mind the scale here. There's about $20-25K of labor and chassis involved and another $25K of parts
that Nick didn't manufacture that he resold to me. That are of no use without a frame and control arms. Nick's ally parts cut out on his plasmacam
like the dash panel and firewall look good. However the chassis and control arms are sub-standard in weld quality and bent,
bushings seized on control arms, etc.
At my expense I 'm having the front upper and lower control arms replaced with another vendor for around $2K
and they don't have issues, ie there not bent and weld quality is good, they measure to print, and the ends are in line.

After closer inspection of the Acton frame the welds you can see are ground smooth with a
thick coat of paint and the ones you can't are poor quality. . .

Still waiting on Nick to make this right and could've done so over the years, instead of covering up his mistakes:
1. adding spacers to the dash stand offs to hide the fact the body is in the wrong spot by 1.5"
2. building wide custom control arms due to shock towers being too wide
3. extra long intermediate steering shaft due to body being in wrong position
4. Control arms and mounting points bent to fit
5. Bronze bushed control arms bushings seized or over reamed and appear to be hammered on
6. Rocker panel arm bent backwards to mask body in wrong spot

Nick committed to building a frame as good as Kirkham and didn't come close, for the amount of $$ involved I would've
been better off buying a kirkham roller, but I thought Acton was a quality shop. . ..

And from talking to other ppl Nick owes at least three people some money.

So where's the stand up, make it right, and fast shipping Nick Acton?


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