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Originally Posted by ScratchBuilder View Post

Jamo, yes did talk to an attorney, but right now rather put my time and money into a Cobra, not a lawsuit and thought peer pressure would get Nick to move and at least refund some $$ so I can get going on another build. And yes folks I can weld, but I work full time and don't have time to build from scratch right now in my life.

Even with the frame out of the picture there's a bunch of $$ in junk labor and junk parts I can't use like bent control arms and them rear springs on the front.

Bob pretty sure 700lb springs don't go in the front of the Cobra...

Sorry for the hassle. And that's windshield chalk not paint so no Cobras were harmed in this pic:

SB signing off Consumer Watch
Time to do a little ( a lot?) research before taking on a complicated project like a scratch build, especially if you haven't got time to do the fabrication and welding required to complete a project like this.

As Bill above said, the springs were probably correct. I have 10" x 750 lb springs on the front of mine and 9" x 500 lb springs on the rear of mine. The spring rate calculators are on most of the spring/shock sites so you can determine them yourself if you have all of the information, length, angle of mounting, weight of car, etc.... Good luck with your project.