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Good evening, my name is William. Im excited about purchasing a 427 Replica here in the near future. I am a 25 year Soldier that is preparing to retire, and trying to make plans to fulfill a long time bucket list item. I have been researching manufactures for a while and have just recently began to post publically on the forums as I near stage two of my plans. (Stage 1 dreams, stage 2 plan to make dream come true).

Recently, the ERA kit has peaked my interest after reading the mass amount of “good” info on their web site and talking to them over the phone.

Yes, for complete transparency, I was and still am looking at factory five. But, the modularity and bonded body option for the ERA resonates well with me. I “know” I will not be able to buy EVERYTHING I want up front, its just a financial reality. Also, I still want to get my hands dirty. I don’t want a turn key, because then (for me) it would feel like I have done nothing but purchased someone else’s dream. Either way, I want to take some part in it, installing motor, body panels, etc. But, where my lack of experience lacks, I want to be able to purchase quality items from the original manufacturer. Another reason ERA peaks my interest. I hope im making sense?

Unless I am reading the ERA site wrong it appears, I can order the standard ERA kit to get the ball rolling. Have the body bonded, and leave panels uninstalled for me to feel like I have accomplished something in that initial step. Then I can order the rear independent suspension, tires wheels, etc?

Has anyone else here taken that route?

How shall I proceed?

Any advice for the new guy?

Lastly, this is a tough choice for me. I am so fearful of making the wrong choice, and buying the “wrong” kit, or having the place I purchase from go out of business, or something crazy like that. How did you guys decide between the manufacturers?

Thanks in advance

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