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Originally Posted by patrickt View Post
William, there are no "rules" in dealing with ERA. They will do anything you ask them to -- whether it's on their site or not. I studied the market, and the different companies, from the early 1980's (newly married, reasonably broke) all the way up to 2005 when I could just pay for whatever I wanted. The only two companies that I would even consider writing a check to were ERA and Kirkham. The only reason I went with ERA was that it was on the east coast and I really didn't care if I had an aluminum body or not. The entire deal was done on a handshake basis and there wasn't even the slightest glitch during the year long process (other than some of them getting the flu).

Here's what you need to do: Send Peter a check for five grand, or ten grand, whatever it is now to get your name in to their waiting line of customers, and then schedule a time to fly up there and spend the day. There are a million things you haven't thought of in getting one of these cars. But that's the first step, and you can't go wrong with it.
See, that's what i like DIRECT ORDERS! Thanks!

Originally Posted by DanEC View Post
If you think you may be interested in building an ERA from basic kit - unpainted, unbonded, etc. - here is my build thread for some reading. It's back about 2 or 3 pages on this Forum

Progress on #782

There is a lot of extraneous banter throughout the thread and some melodrama but I think it does a fair job of documenting the journey.

There is a lot of info on ERA's website to study. They do not piecemeal kits such as in buy a frame now and a body later, but there are options such as if you want to find your own Jag rear suspension and rebuild/modify it yourself.
Good Stuff.
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