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Originally Posted by baker View Post
I might of missed this somewhere in this thread, but.. since we can register the car as exempt from annual inspections and the car is a replica of a 1965/66 .. does that mean that I could use a carb and intake vs say a coyote with EFI, engine with no problems over emissions? I am still in the planning stages of my build.. and this can make a huge difference in the overall cost of the initial project (notice I said "initial".. and we all know there is never a final price until the day you part with the car.. ). I'm in Dallas county.
Yes, many of us, maybe most of us, use carbs since there is no emissions test for a replica 65 car. We used carbs even before this new set of regulations came along. It was just that you had to fail the emissions test, then get a waiver. My Cobra had waivers every year. Now the state doesn't even bother with that.

People in other states that do test emissions are going to Coyotes because they have to pass a test. Somebody out there was even having to install a catalyst.

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