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Angry Behaviour

Good morning all.

Over the last few weeks a number of both constructive and genuine Threads have been started on the Club Cobra Forum. Many have been hi jacked and some shut down - closed by Moderators - due to personal attacks.

As a pseudo Moderator, I have spoken to the main USA forum Moderators regarding these Threads and in particular the way some Forum members have behaved or are behaving when Posting.

Put simply, if you don't have something positive to offer don't get on this Forum.
If you insist on being, negative, critical or litigious you will be off the Forum.

Everyone needs to be cognisant that this is a public forum. Your comments, Posts or more recently personal attacks are out in the greater public arena.

Attacks on individuals, businesses or general non constructive and silly comments are not appropriate...

I would strongly suggest that you all read the Forum Rules if you are in doubt about starting a Thread or Posting.

The ongoing success of the Australian Forum will be the bringing back 'to the fold' the many Australian members - including me - whom have stayed off the Forum. ..

I think this exodus has been mainly due to a few users whom have agendas, axes to grind, one off Posts about everything and anything in a non constructive way.

The greater Australian Forum community are not interested in your agendas. If you feel you have a legitimate claim against a business then mediate or litigate but don't use this Forum.

Similiarly if you don't like another member have the balls to say that to their face or shut up. But again stay off the Forum if you feel you need to publicly attack a business or member.

Whilst the Threads or Posts may be a good read, we sit back and watch and have a laugh it's un Australian to do this at the benefit of others and I know we are better than this.

.. Again, if you think you are Posting outside the Forum guidelines read the rules before you Post. Importantly ask yourself if you would be prepared to say this to someone's face. Or would you like your comments screen shot and handed up in a court if it got to that level.

I want to see the Forum return to where it was a few years back where we all talked about the fun we were having in our cars, sharing of our Cobra builds, questions asked and answered.

As the tennis great Laver said, " the ball is in your court"....

Be warned.
Bernie Knight
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