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Originally Posted by Philm View Post
I do miss being an active part of this forum, so while the behavior card is now pulled out I would like to offer my own personal thoughts as to why this forum is in the state it is.

This toxic nature has grown for a reason and you need to look at both sides of the coin. I feel it has lost its own identity as a forum for all cobra makes and models. Now it just seams to be so focused on Absolute Pace and the need to squash any negatively or to blindly promote this brand. Their seams to be a lot of pseudo advocates of the Pace brand with obvious affiliations or deals that make the comments obviously contrived.

It almost feels as rebellious or good sport to have a go.

I do think Absolute Pace and Craig are doing the best they can and would go as far to say that they may have saved the Cobra kit car community with there innovative and up to date products.

Maybe a little of horse before the cart but it is what it is.

I just wish that the "Absolute Pace Business" was not on the forums and taken back internally and sorted.

We use to be ab;e to have a light hearted dig at things in the past and have a good laugh now words like "litigious" are being used.........?????WTF

Simply take the business out of the forum that what I see is the problem.
you may have a good point there phil and you are correct there are a lot of post that are absolute pace related but since they have come into play how many people have come and started a build lately with another brand of kit ie g force ff5 harrison ect ect ect not many at all so i guess a lot of the talk will be about the pace weather you love or hate the concept of the car.

i for one have been guilty for firing back if i feel someone is having a shot at me or my car and thats something im trying to not let get too me hell after all it's just a bloody car for gods sake .
i love the light hearted banter and the aussie humor that so many other countries just dont understand how we can rip into each other while drinking a beer lol
so upwards and on woulds as they say
cheers dean
a cobra is a passion anything else is just a car
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