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Originally Posted by spookypt View Post
That's a good place for it Glen. Please air issues there if you feel the need but lets leave that stuff off the Oz Forum.

I'd also suggest maybe if JAMO could start a new forum space for the ABSOLUTE PACE Brand just like Backdraft and Kirkham etc have. Might dilute some of the content a little but still gives anyone keen to see and read it an outlet to do so without it dominating the Australian Forum. Doesn't mean no AP on the Oz just means a little more balanced content. Plus as a potentially international brand perhaps it would be of greater benefit there anyway? Best of both worlds.

It'd be great to see all the old crew sitting quietly behind the sidelines now come back on line and give the input and advice they used to give. Helped me no end.

It'd also be great to see build threads or run suggestions dominate the dialogue with comments and suggestions rather than these threads getting little interest before being hijacked and descending into the usual angst and diatribe that continues to dominate.

May Bernies sticky bring a new direction and change or at least take us back to the good old days. Peace.

They already have their own forum section, thats what the post that started all of this was referring too.
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