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Had a decent day with sorting the electrical issues created by the overwhelming ignorance, incompetence and complete apathy of a northern Sydney Kobra builder.. not only was there a number of wiring faults, that he specifically introduced into a clean harness, the ancillaries were incorrect for the motor type, the tune provided was from a mafless 6L motor (L98), rather than an LS3 with a MAF as the factory runs, the majority of the fault codes were being generated because one of the plugs for the ECU was wired and then installed backwards.. !

Yes .. it is staggering.. well its staggering if you knew how everything he touched he did a half baked, inaccurate, incomplete and totally flawed job on everything he touched.
Fingers crossed this is the last in a fairly comprehensive list of stuff up he created.

Looking forward to getting the fuel pumps rewired to a higher ampere breaker tomorrow and see if it will hold fuel pressure and run.


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