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hi Matt,

Im looking at it.. hadnt gone that way yet.

The second unit would be installed over the NS rear wheel.

After a few months of research, the measures I'm taking before that step are to fit:

- Double layer heat insulation, plus butyl from the footwells to the rear bumper, including the rear quarters.
- Glass reinforced roof, rear quarters and bonnet, with butyl then sound deadener layered on.
- An 80mm exhaust fan in the rear taking air from the top of the cargo area, triggered based on ambient cabin temp.
- Tinted side windows.. for light and heat.. Using 6mm glass if I can fit it.
- A speed triggered header / CAT cooling fan (SPAL 5.2") running below 35kph), mounted in the void behind the radiator ducting.
- Addition of a front air damn.. these last two measures intended to divert heat from the engine under so its flows under the (insulated body) of car.

My strategy is basically to treat all of the areas of heat adsorption from the sun and heat soak from the engine in the first instance for both NHV and temperature control.

If these measures dont prove feasible a second evaporator, running from a single engine mounted AC compressor, with lines running down the transmission tunnel, triggered when the fan is at medium cooling or above would be the next step.

Hope that helps..

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