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Originally Posted by LMH View Post
I suppose it could be John, but it's only the nose that's different. I wondered if it had something to do with Willment as that's their stripe scheme but I really don't know. Willment ended up with CS2131 later.
I agree...that's Willment's stripe scheme.

Digressing (only slightly), here is the Willment team Galaxie, which ran in white with red stripes:

That's actually Jack Sears driving it in Kyalami (SA) in the 9hr race. Bob Olthoff had it there for several seasons, and then it came back to England and Jack Sears has owned it for many years sine (although last report was in 2008, so not sure if he still has it)

More digression....the Willment strip scheme also was used in reverse, although I don't think it was as common. Here's a more recent shot of the Willment Galaxie:

Willment'a also raced Cortinas, so here's the white with red again:

And more digression.... here's the Willment coupe at an M1 service station parking area after its notorious 180mph run on the M1:

No Willment stripe scheme, but we all know it's a Willment car edit: oops, no it isn't


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