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The DOW process was used as a primer for magnesium primarily in the aircraft industry. When magnesium is exposed to oxygen it causes the magnesium to oxidize or corrode, the DOW process protects the magnesium from this. A lot of people believe that you can paint over magnesium this isn't advisable, the magnesium will start oxidizing between the painted or powder coated surface and the magnesium and this may not be detectable until the surface finish ruptures or cracks exposing the tell tale "worming" effect. I f you have magnesium wheels either get the DOW treated or use a product called "Gibbs" and apply to all of the exposed metal surfaces including the area between the rim inner and outer beads. DOW can not be applied to aluminum wheels, aluminum requires anodizing processes, which vintage wheel manufacturers use today to achieve the magnesium DOW look.
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