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After a couple of weeks the car is now running. One minor oil lead and a split radiator hose later and we seem to be holding most of the various fluids.. .

Was pleased to test the cooling system and see that the 16" fan is drawing over the entire radiator surface after fitting a cowling earlier in the build. Its only idling in the shop at the moment, but is holding temp easily.. . Have also installed a 5" SPAL fan to blow air over the headers up to 35kph or so.. Is a better than expected result there also.

I have a tuning / set up issue that Im not sure how to resolve.

Had a double row timing chain fitted (Rollmaster CS1195) when I did the cam and valves, but now have the issue that the cam sensor is not picking up the correct number of pulses (is throwing error codes and refusing to rev cleanly or return to idle). In monitoring the sensor output it appears to be generating one pulse per revolution, not the four pulses that would be present with the standard cam sprocket. Further research indicates that the Rollmaster sprocket is apparently compatible with the Gen III not Gen IV series, hence the incorrect number of pulses..???

Look forward to any thoughts or advice on resolving this one beyond what appears to be the need to change the sprocket at this stage (and if this required to WHAT..???).

With thanks


Foot note.. For the record, a number of people asked how I could have made this apparently fundamental error... all I can say is I engaged a so called professional Classic Kobra builder in northern sydney, unfortunately... there was not ONE thing he did on the engine or chassis that was correct, didn't need to be removed and replaced or completely redone.
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