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Originally Posted by deano59 View Post
to me this is what a true kit car should be like . in regards it should come with as many components as possible . sure ive heard them called flat pack cars and lego cars amongst others .
lets face it how many kits in the past remained unfinished and pushed to the back of sheds and given up till sold for a bargain price to someone else with dreams to finish it .in my view the more that comes with the car and the easier it is to build the greater chance of it getting on the road by the original buyer .

ive been down the path of buying a kit that came with a basic chassis and body where you have had to put the doors / bonnet / boot together and then get all the gaps right a daunting task if you dont have body work skills . or they have the skills to do the body but dont have a mechanical mindset and end up buying a old jag front and rear and just clean it paint it and wack it in hoping for the best .
or people dont have the time to scrounge thru wreckers getting covered in grease and crap hoping to find what they need and a good price .
ive been there and done that and this time round had no interest at all in building another kitcar again hence my first plan was to look for a car with rego hop in and drive .
it was only after flying interstate a couple of times looking at cars that did not seem to meet the description in the add i was about ready to forget the idea of getting another cobra till i saw a add vert for the pace . it seemed to tick most of the boxes in what i wanted and after seeing them in the flesh at the factory decided i could def build one of these without the head aches i had in the past with my first kit .

ive prob gone off course with this post as it was just meant to agree with donunder about the beauty of these cars lol a clear body hell yeah put me down for that .

cheers dean
Totally agree! I've built multiple cars over the years including another brand of Cobra. It wasn't until I built my last car, 67 GT390 Mustang that I realised how great it is to be able to make a phone call knowing you can buy, NEW, any part you want for the car, ANY!!!!

The Pace Cobra is the same and the reason why I built another Cobra!! Used parts and 'wrecker grabbing' is old school and a thing of the past!!!!

And yes, I am off topic too but I love my Pace!!
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