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Originally Posted by 120mm View Post
Since I've discovered Hurricane like 2 hours ago, I notice that the Hurricane replicas actually look like vintage Cobras and not some huge fender flared, bulbous fendered silicone drenched mockery that too many kits make of the original design.
Welcome to the forum and the madness. Unfortunately, you just potentially gored the goat of the majority of members on the forum with this characterization. The Cobra replica community fills many needs from those seeking to clone the original in spirit and detail, to those who want a powerful track car, to those who are fulfilling a street rod itch based on one of the most popular cars of all time - and everything in between. In building one of these replica cars, you will probably need some input from all of them and not just Hurricane owners which are a relatively small community in our city.

The Hurricane is a nice kit. It was my leading choice until they fell on some hard times about 8 years ago and while they were in the process of changing hands, relocating and re-building I was ready to make the jump so I had to change direction. But I think you will be pleased with it - post some progress photos when you get started.
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