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Originally Posted by Thor maine View Post
A Question? Did the Hurricane Cobra start out as Integrity Coach Works Cobra? Or a derivative of it?
No, it was called Component Craft and started by Jerry Connelly in Dallas. The molds were pulled from an original car as stated above. There is a TON of history here that I helped research when I owned my Hurricane but I won't go into all of it here. Jerry built and delivered quite a few cars and kits before moving on. The tools and molds were sold to a couple of guys who created Hurricane and sold 100+ cars, of which I owned the 6th they produced. Later the tools and molds fell into the hands of some banditos briefly but they never finished a single car. Then the current owners in Iowa bought it, overhauled the molds and jigs and the rest is history. Its an awesome product for the price and very authentic.

Here is one of Jerry's cars in the 1997 Neiman Marcus catalogue.

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