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Originally Posted by DanEC View Post
Welcome to the forum and the madness. Unfortunately, you just potentially gored the goat of the majority of members on the forum with this characterization. The Cobra replica community fills many needs from those seeking to clone the original in spirit and detail, to those who want a powerful track car, to those who are fulfilling a street rod itch based on one of the most popular cars of all time - and everything in between. In building one of these replica cars, you will probably need some input from all of them and not just Hurricane owners which are a relatively small community in our city.
Meh. I guess they could ban me if they don't like such representations.

I COULD have said I don't qualify for Cobra ownership, since I'm not old as dirt, have a big gut, don't wear hawaiian shirts, flip flops or those gay looking poker visors like every single cobra replica owner I've personally seen.

Frankly, I don't GAS what stereotypical "owners" think. I'm more interested in the outliers, anyway.
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