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Some more information about how the body is fitted correctly onto the chassis....

Here's the fitment jig that's used to lower the body on to the chassis when the chassis is mounted to the jig
The chassis is secured in place …and the body (attached to the upper part of the jig) is lowered on to it.
The timber frame is the exact shape of the body. With the FIA, they had to use the current 427 upper frame/jig, but then construct a “silhouette” to match the exact shape of the FIA body. It then holds the body down in the exactly correct position on the chassis.
The jig ensures that the body is fitted to the chassis without any twisting, drooping, etc. It guarantees that the correct body shape and location is maintained.

Craig's words "This is the only way we can guarantee it, when you look closely at a lot of Cobra replicas ......... you can see where the body has been fitted and has been accidentally twisted or the front/rear is drooping more than it should as it was not supported during body fitment. You even see bodies mounted on angles to chassis both laterally and vertically."

Then the locating tabs are bonded to the body. That way, when the body comes off for the chassis build and then needs to go back onto the chassis, it will go back exactly in the correct position, because of all of the locating tabs that were bonded there while the frame was on the fitment jig.

Craig and Warren - thanks for the info and pictures. Please add or correct as necessary


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