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Originally Posted by NewYorkGuy View Post
hilarious, million dollar manufacturing company and they can't invest a $100 to a website Host

This is gratuitous character assassination by someone who has never done business and probably never spoken with the target of his unfounded attack. People like you (NewYorkGuy) seem to be challenged to add any positive comment to the site.

I am surprised Jamo has not tossed you out a long time ago. I know if I were Jamo I certainly would have. Your good fortune is I am not Jamo.

You seem to work extraordinarily hard to demonstrate you have no redeeming value in your commentary or for that matter your presence on the site. If you worked half as hard to participate in a positive fashion, people would receive you decidedly differently.

Shucks you dislike the site and people on the site so much, why not try self banning. I think this is a hell of an idea. Best part, you don't have to wait for Jamo. You can do yourself right now.

Go git yourself boy!

Help them do what they would have done if they had known what they could do.
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