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Originally Posted by blykins View Post
Nah, spent the day out with my wife and 3.5 year old, we went to see the Easter bunny at Bass Pro Shops. It was a good day.

However, knee jerk sarcastic reactions like the one you gave just really rub me the wrong way. I'm in competition with Craft, Barry, Blair, and all the guys who build engines for a living, but in the same manner, we all understand that the others are just trying to provide for their to see someone mouth off without justification just puts a bad taste in our own mouths.

It's not my place to inform the public of what Keith is doing now, but I will tell you that most of us stay in contact with each other, so there are phone calls/texts/emails between us fairly often. Keith made it very clear to me on multiple occasions that he struggled with the "know it alls" on the internet, the "experts" who have never turned a wrench, and the ones that were quick to judge without knowing the facts. Running an internet based retail business is not for the faint of heart and it will wear on you quickly.

I think he made those same comments here publicly on multiple I don't feel like I'm speaking out of turn.
Sir, go enjoy Easter. Obviously, u r venting. God bless
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