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Originally Posted by db replicas View Post
Jaguar could keep their name "clean" by not Type Approving the cars and point the customers in the direction of another company to take care of that problem, or leave it up to the customer personally. I would not be surprised if Jaguar had in their inventory a complete set of compliant components that the customer could purchase.
"Unscrupulous" is a bit strong though. I see your Mk4 has parts fitted that would not pass. (Depending when it was first registered). A little change/upgrade here and there ��
I meant merely to explain the situation with IVA in general, that a person is at liberty to present a car for IVA and subsequently make changes afterwards.
You must know full well that a certain replica model manufacturer in the UK (not a Cobra) had headlamps positioned far too low to pass IVA. He supplies or can suggest modern lamps on pods, completely out of keeping with the model from the 1960s, but which may be fitted to ensure IVA compliance. I know of nothing that prevents the owner from removing these after the test is passed and reverting to the period height lamps.
I was suggesting that I can't believe Jaguar would do anything that exposes them to IVA manipulation. So how are they getting these cars, that are supposed to be exact replicas, registered?
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