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Originally Posted by dlampe View Post
I think I can help answer that question as I'm building one now. I have done a lot of cobras and 3 gt40s. I tried something new with the SLC race car from Race Car Replicas. I am tired of the vintage look but the SLC looked a little wild for me. The GTR is like a Ford GT only beefier. Just look at the Robertson Racing GT. I think there is a place for this car given that the original cars are priced between 300 and 400K. If I had an original I would actually by one of these to play on the track with vs. risking a real investment. The Ford GT is not just a street car, its a very expensive collectible that is going up in price everyday. The GTR is a way for guys like me to enjoy the lines without the giant cash outlay. Same as a cobra replica.
Yes, and it's quite an impressive build - keep up the good work!
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