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Originally Posted by Mongoose930 View Post
After fixing up an old Contemporary Cobra (which I loved), I really got the itch to build something that more closely resembled an original Cobra.

The fabricator (?) who did a lot of work on my Contemporary, brokered a deal where I would trade my Contemporary cobra for an almost completed Hi-Tech Cobra. Actually, it was a post Hi-Tech / pre Sagebrush Cobra but I just refer to it as a Hi-Tech.

In my excitement to obtain the Hi-Tech, I did not do my due diligence and it wasn’t long before I figured out that this Hi-Tech had been very much misrepresented and needed far more work than was originally indicated. Buyer beware and I certainly wasn’t…

For almost 3 years I tried to move this project forward but as I continued to peel back the onion, I found more and more problems with both the quality of parts that were used on the build and definitely with the workmanship. What I thought was going to be a 9-12 month project was turning into a nightmare. The fabricator who brokered the deal (and who had previously owned this Hi-Tech) continued to work on the car. I was getting lots of BIG $$ invoices but the project was not moving forward the way It should have been.

After losing all faith in the abilities and honesty of my current fabricator, I did the only rational thing I could do. I picked up the entire project and drove it to Virginia where it now resides with Craig Coombe. The car has been stripped down to the bare frame, sandblasted and is currently being repaired before going out to the powder coaters. Thank God I did this as the welding on the frame was horrific but was well hidden by the rattle can paint that was used on the frame.

The Hi-Tech body has been sold and Craig will be putting an alloy body on my Hi-Tech frame. It has been an amazing experience working with Craig and for the first time in more than a few years, I am very excited about the project again. I will attempt to document the entire build process. I am going for an original style build with some minor concessions to originality for the sake of safety and practicality. I hope you enjoy this build thread as much as I am enjoying seeing my car finally coming to life.

Below are pictures of my old Contemporary, the day of the trade showing the Contemporary and Hi-Tech together and lastly, the Hi-Tech frame after being stripped and sandblasted.
It is truly unfortunate that your path to this point has been both far too long and far too rocky. It also sounds like Craig is the ideal helmsman to get you to your destination.

While you're far from being "out of the woods" on this project, I wish you (and Craig!) all the best and look forward to progress updates as your build / re-build continues.
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