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Looking good. I think the hardest part of my project was making the birdcage for the rear of the body over the trunk and the frames for the doors, trunk lid, and hood. I think I lost a bit of hair during that process.
I also made up a jig to make up original style hood and trunk hinges I was able to copy from a 4000 hinge a buddy had. I sold about a dozen of them and still have the jig if you need some made up. Also made up some reclining seat mounting pads for the seats. I think I have one left if you need it.
The removable pedal box is a great idea. I ended up doing the same thing for the same reasons- much easier to deal with the footboxes, body mounting, and access the foot pedals and adjustments if necessary. I installed a removable bottom plate so I could access and adjust the rods in the box without contorting myself in the footbox to reach them, not to mention pulling up the carpet and other items to get to the top cover. I've used it a couple times already to adjust my clutch rod and brake bias adjustment rods and it was easy as pie.

Keep it coming, I'm reliving my build through your project.....

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