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Originally Posted by Three Peaks View Post
I'm starting to believe this was possibly a used frame at one time after seeing all the rivet holes and modifications to the frame. Was there and interior tub and/or footboxes installed at one time? I didn't notice it in the first few pics.

Okay, went back and saw it was more complete than I had originally thought. Was any of the original pieces- fender liners, tub, footboxes, trunk pieces, etc... reusable? At least the roll bars? Or is this pretty much starting from scratch.

This is starting to look an awful lot like my project. When I received my chassis, it was missing most of the birdcage, the square tubing, motor mounts, roll bar mounts, fuel tank supports, and a lot of the existing tubing had to be replaced or relocated. I can definitely appreciate all the work that is going into this project and the quality of the work and the difficulty of the locating process.
Do you have all of the control arms, uprights, shocks, and other items needed for the suspension set up? How about hood and trunk hinges?

Hi Bob,

Maybe when Craig has some time he can snap a picture of the stack of scrap aluminum that came out of the car. The floors that came with the car were wrong and I paid to have two additional sets made which still were not correct. Trans tunnel was completely wrong. I scrapped the original rear bulkhead for several reasons and the new one I paid for did not fit properly at all so it was scrapped with all of the incorrect trunk panels.

I have a full tubular suspension and I hope when Craig puts it back on the car we don't discover that it is in as bad of shape as the frame was...

The footboxes are OK. I sold the roll bar that came with the car and had Craig fabricate a new 3000 series style roll bar with all the correct details.
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