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Originally Posted by tylerdurden View Post
any particular reason why the coyotes get wrecked more often? this is the engine I was considering if I get one. thank you
It probably has less to do with the engine and more to do with the type of person attracted to that particular setup. I would ASSume most of the gentlemen that opt for the more nostalgic, carbureted setups are buying the platform for the enjoyment of simply driving the car, and most of the gentlemen that opt for the Coyote or other late model engines are more inclined to push the car to or beyond their limits.

That's not to say the guys with the older style engines don't push their cars, but it's a different type of enthusiast.

I wanted the Coyote b/c I didn't care about the nostalgia that would hide under the hood. I also desired something extremely reliable that will start up every time, not wreak of gas while driving around with the wife and, most importantly, have a ton of mod potential.

I equate a lot of Cobra owners to Corvette owners. There are those that stand around their car at a car show with the hood up, ungodly amounts of useless chrome everywhere and spout off numbers to anyone that passes by that might lend an ear (without ever truly pushing their own cars to the limits of said numbers they are spouting off). Then there are those that may go to shows, but for the most part drive the piss out of their Vette any chance they can. The latter is more likely to end up wrapped around a tree, but they'll enjoy every second leading up to it.


And to answer your previous question about paying in full versus financing, it's probably an even split. I've heard great things about Woodside Credit as a means to finance the Cobra. Backdraft even lists them on their website as the sole suggested finance provider. Best of luck with your surgery. I hope the other sports cars don't work out and you have to end up in a BDR.
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