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Originally Posted by Bill Bulmer View Post
Sorry to jump in on this thread so late, but I also have a recent Backdraft with the 18" Halibrand knockoffs (same as pheagles).

I need to remove one wheel due to a tire puncture, and am not clear if there is a locking mechanism that holds the spinner on, or can I just remove the spinner with the lead hammer? I was wrapping on the drivers rear spinner in a counterclockwise way today, and nothing happened (couldn't break it loose). I know the wheel was off very recently at a repair shop, and anti-seize was used when it was reinstalled.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
No locking device... You spin the spinners FWD to remove them and to the rear to tighten them... This applies to both sides of the car.

I would not use anti-seize on the threads... It makes it more difficult to remove them. Use white lithium grease.

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