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Originally Posted by RodKnock View Post
My Kirkham has a VIN.

They also allow SPF GT40 replicas/clones too. They're all replicas/clones, Shelby, Superformance and of course Kirkham.

Why? No one wants to blow up their multi-million dollar cars racing anymore, so they let replicas race. The Shelby FIA is a $150,000 car, so the driver/owner won't feel as bad if he or she crashes it.
funny with your VIN , but you didn't understand what i tried to explain...

many owners of original cars have an exact clone of their car, they are racing the clone with the same csx 2xxx number as their original have, that is another pair of shoes, for that you're right
in this case this cobra was invited to goodwood as a csx 7xxx, and not as a csx 2xxx substitute

this "$ 150,000" car was for sale asking factor 2,5 in summer
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