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Originally Posted by peterpjb View Post
i've been to laguna seca and monterey car week this year, that is indeed the most important car show in the world, but goodwood is the most important place for historic racing, and that is exactly the dna of our cars...
I'm not debating which event is more or less important, I really don't care.

But whether it's Goodwood or the Monterey Historics, it's just a committee of humans running it. And these humans have opinions, make decisions, put on their pants one leg at a time and brain-fart just like the rest of us humans. They're just people with cars with papers, they're not curing cancer, advancing research on Alzheimer's disease or even scoring a goal at Old Trafford.

I guess what I'm saying is that they can invite a replica of Herby The Love Bug to race Goodwood and it really doesn't affect my way of thinking.
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