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Originally Posted by Bartruff1 View Post
No, the Continuation Series is a Shelby product with a Shelby Vin and a Shelby MSO and there are laws and regulations the govern the advertising and marketing of a Product.

They all have good lawyers and no replica maker uses the term Continuation Series and if they did they would find themselves in Court.

Words have meanings in context, and if anyone else attempted to sell a Continuation Cobra by conflating the meaning, they might get a visit from the FBI and face fraud charges.
It's just paperwork, marketing, lawyers and names. SEMANTICS! EUPHEMISMS!

It's all good. I call ALL Shelby Cobras made after the 1960's replicas. I totally understand the need to protect the Shelby replicas. There's monetary value to it.

So, NO! Shelby is not really Shelby anymore. An investment group purchased Shelby many years ago and then the company went public.

And as for the SPF GT40s, they're called continuations too. And they're listed in the SAAC Registry, for now. We all know the story. Safir bought the name from Ford and SPF licenses the name from Safir.

But call them "continuations." I call them replicas made by a company that only exists in name. Or, you call them Kirkham's with badges.

We've been through this already a hundred times.

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