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Originally Posted by peterpjb View Post
rodnock, cannot understand why you are so upset, nobody denies that continuation cars are replicas, but they are replicas from the original manufacturer, thats all...

and btw every company had changes in economics over the decades, even and especially porsche (vw) and ferrari (fiat), etc...
I'm not upset. I find it all very funny. That's why I use this emoji You do understand that emoji correct?

Yes, every manufacturer has changed ownership in some form or another. And that's my point. They're no longer the "original" manufacturer and when they call them "continuations," all that really means is that they're reproducing a replica of an old car from 50 years ago. "Continuation" is just a fancy word for replica.

Shelby, Aston Martin and Jaguar can call them continuations or anything else they want. All it means to me and many others is that they're replicas made by a company that is no longer the actual OEM. The OEM in its original form is long gone.
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