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Originally Posted by peterpjb View Post
what defines the "originality" of a manufacturer?
is there more originality of a manufacturer than in the personality of the founder, inventor, eponym and (partial) owner?

in this case SAI can claim to be the original manufacturer until 2012 at least

and in that case you're right, neither aston martin, jaguar, ac, maserati nor any other company can claim this in matters of continuation cars.....
From memory, Shelby American was sold sometime prior to 2003 to an investor group which purchased roughly 75% +/- of the company stock. And in 2003, CSBI (Carroll Shelby International) was born and has been a public traded company since. And yes, Carroll Shelby passed in 2012, but that's not what I'm talking about.

Manufacturers can claim or use the term "continuation." SPF claims their GT40's are "continuations." But we all know that it's NOT 1960's anymore. With the Shelby Cobra replicas, there's a gap of around 30 years between production and the cars NOT made in the 1960's are "kit cars," "component cars" or "specially constructed vehicles."

We've really beaten this dead horse a 1,000,000 times already. Let's move on.
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