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It is going to be a fiberglass body. SVRA has no problem with this for the regular competition with this car. While Gold Medallion would be nice, this project is really stretching my budget with the glass body. Alloy would be way out of the question. There are some vintage groups that will not allow a glass body if the original was alloy. As a rule, SVRA only allows glass body panels in certain situations. They will make exceptions. From my understanding, and experience, I will be on the track with original period cars. The Gold Medallion program is more of a prestige thing. The only race that is for Gold Medallion cars is Sonoma. If there are enough Gold Medallion cars at a race, they may be run in a separate group and they will have their own podium. There are no Gold Medallion only races on the east coast.

It took a lot of work from Dennis Olthoff and John Cropper to get the SPF/Riverside Racer 289FIA approved. Most groups, including SVRA tend to frown on replicas. As you stated in your earlier post, as the value of the original cars goes up, they are less likely to be found on the track. I think that this is a great opportunity for fans to see more of the original style race cars. While it would be nice to compete against a Ferrari, I doubt that I will ever see one on the track. There still are some nice vintage race cars that do compete still.

Part of what I am trying to show is that someone without a lot of disposable income can still race with the big bucks guys. I am not really interested in Gold Medallion. Just want to race and have fun.

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