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Jim's chassis has been ordered from the factory and will be expedited to allow time for the build-out and race prep needed.

As Jim indicated Ross Henry and others prevailed upon SVRA to allow the composite body cars to compete. Vintage racing is facing an issue in that many of the original race cars have reached values that have caused the owners to pull them from competition thus reducing the grids in the most spectator popular classes. Realizing that a viewer can't tell the body material from the stands, SVRA has decreed that we can run our MK II 289 series cars so long as the powertrain and brakes are of period type. We have developed an option for the Girling calipers and solid rotors that may be owner installed on the existing chassis to meet the regulations now in effect. This means there will be several new "old" cars to compete. We have had inquiries from owners of original vintage Cobras about duplicating their race car in a new Superformance MK II and fully expect that within a year there will be several more competing. In fact if we get enough cars, we are looking at a "sub" class that will have their own placing and awards with sponsorship from us.

Currently Jim is the first of two Superformance FIAs destined for SVRA competition. We welcome inquiries from anyone interested in racing on of our cars.
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