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Originally Posted by peterpjb View Post
what I don't understand is:

why can't you get get a race ready roller with correct brakes and differential from spf, while spf is promoting their 289 mkll cars for vintage racing?
The "race brake" package is a non-factory option that must be dealer or customer installed. Just like the fuel cell and race roll bar these are non-standard items that impact the product liability and therefor are "after sale" items.

Virtually all manufacturers do not provide a "race ready" vehicle. Consider that many of the modifications required will differ by the owner, i.e. shock choice, alignment, etc.

The standard differential in a MK II is a ZF, vintage regulations require an original type diff. The Salisbury type diff IS a factory option, however they are currently produced with an aluminum case. The rules only allow an iron unit so the cars come with the frame configured for the Salisbury, we credit for the ZF and can supply an iron unit ready for rebuild as we did with Jim (1795)

This is not really different than modifying a Mustang you bought at the Ford dealer to go racing. The dealer can provide the car and some of the parts but the mods are on the owner.

We are doing all we can to support the customers that are purchasing chassis' from us to race however the factory is not prepared or equipped to produce custom race cars.
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