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Originally Posted by xb-60 View Post
Great choice of transmission Jim (I'm using one in a 289 as well). What tailhousing did you specify?
There are a lot of us here who look forward to build threads like this! Looking forward to the rest of the story as it unfolds.


I was not quite sure what tail housing to specify, so I described my project to Dan and he has a lot of experience building top loaders for race applications, and was also familiar with Superformance cobras. He suggested using the tail housing that is on this transmission. It is a 17" tail housing for a 28 spline application. What length tail housing do you have and what is the length of your driveshaft? From what I can see the extra length (as opposed to a 14" or 15 1/2" tail housing) is at the end of the tail and should not greatly effect shifter location.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. What reared ratio are you running and are you using a close ratio or wide ratio top loader?


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