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Hurricane definitely produces a nice replica that's a real bang for the buck. Dean Lampe's early build was a real looker - right up there with some of the sexiest 'glass-bodied cars posted on this site.

As far as original appearance goes, I'm also not a huge fan of the liberties taken by some manufacturers who, to me, stylize their body shapes in ways that detract from the purposeful functionality that forms the essence of the original Cobra's enduring beauty.

I'm sure that some have been put off by my commentary on occasion, but my opinion is only my own and I don't place it above that of anyone else, much less feel the need to denigrate and insult an entire community of generally helpful and capable enthusiasts whose only "crime" is that they enjoy the same car that I do in a slightly different way.

Having a body splashed from an original helps, but it isn't a guarantee of exact original appearance of the final product, as the orientation and fitment of the new body pieces over a purpose-built frame and suspension, as well as the ride height and placement of wheels within fender wells all have a cumulative effect.

Hurricanes are close and get many things right, but there is a distinctive arch in the body from the front of the rear fender down to the tip of the nose that makes them very recognizable, especially when viewed from the side. This doesn't greatly detract from the looks, but it is a characteristic of the brand.

Anyway - body shape is one of my favorite topics of discussion, and I do like Hurricanes so this is my 2 cents worth and nothing more.

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