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Originally Posted by 120mm View Post
So... you are an outlier?

Good to meet you, then.

The funny thing about stereotypes is that they are mostly accurate. And if they don't apply to you, why choose to put on the shoe if it doesn't fit? How can someone stereotype someone else, if they don't fit the stereotype?

Cars tend to reflect, accurately, their owners. Emphasis on "tend". That means not all, but most.

My best friend drives an "M" BMW. She doesn't fit the BMW "image" at all, but that doesn't mean BMWs don't attract a certain "type" of owner.

BTW, I don't Crossfit any more because I have structural problems which makes it problematic. Doesn't stop me from being a good old gym rat, though.
Ya, "outlier," that's a nice way putting it. My friends and family typically use more unsavory terms to describe me.

Isn't there an old joke about BMW's and porcupines?

That's what great about CrossFit, "we" can scale a program for anyone. I've even seen "old as dirt" and "big gut" kinda folks in the Box. However, it always comes down to one word. Commitment.

Back to Hurricane. Good looking Cobra. Great choice from what I've seen and heard. But it's "a road less-traveled" for some unknown (to me) reason. Make sure you're able to drive a few Cobras. You wouldn't be the first to buy one and then quickly sell it because it wasn't the car you thought it would be. Most people skip this step and just buy the Z06 Corvette.
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